Why choose Grande? We offer unparalleled expertise, creating captivating, immersive journeys that blend art, technology, and storytelling.

THE LUME Melbourne Van Gogh digital gallery immersive experiences

A new way to experience art, culture and events.

THE LUME is a permanent large-scale digital gallery offering immersive experiences designed specifically for a multisensory gallery environment.

The versatility of THE LUME allows the space to seamlessly transforms into a digitally integrated spectacle perfect for hosting an array of cultural, sports, and wellness events. It’s also an ideal space for corporate gatherings and private functions.

Grande Experiences actively seeks partners and venues worldwide to establish new projection-based digital galleries of light and sound.

Monet and Friends Alive digital gallery Grande Experiences immersive experiences

Experiences built for touring

Our experiences are available for display worldwide and we have completed this process over 250 times across six continents. Our expertise in smooth and efficient installation is second to none, with exceptional care for delicate infrastructure and heritage buildings.

Our in-house production team fully collaborates with promoters, licensees and hosts, ensuring experiences open on time, placing the visitor experience at the centre of everything we do. We offer flexible solutions. No matter the space or building, we work with you to craft an experience that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

Native Chester Zoo immersive experience

Use Grande’s wealth of expertise combined with the latest technologies to breathe vitality into your narrative, content and space.

We handle every aspect of technical specifications, offering guidance and support in sourcing, procuring, project management, and the installation and deinstallation of your immersive experience.

Using our years of expertise, we’ll work closely with your team to bring your content and stories to life. Our creative process gets to the heart of what makes your stories unique and lays the foundation to produce an unforgettable experience for the visitor.

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