Melbourne Fashion Week - THE LUME Melbourne digital art gallery

THE LUME is a versatile space designed for breathtaking immersive events.

THE LUME's versatility enables the seamless transformation of spaces into digitally integrated spectacles, making it an awe-inspiring venue for hosting cultural experiences, events, and wellness activities. Its adaptability extends to corporate functions and private parties, providing an immersive and dynamic environment. The precision technology behind THE LUME creates a fusion of light and sound, providing an unforgettable visitor experience.

Grande Experiences seeks partnerships and collaborations with established venues and place-makers worldwide. The goal is to develop new projection-based digital spaces using the proven capabilities of THE LUME.

By seeking out opportunities globally, Grande Experiences aims to foster a connection between technology, culture, and entertainment on an international scale.

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A Versatile Digital Space

Art Experiences

THE LUME offers fully integrated arts experiences engaging all the senses while fostering an environment for expansive thought and perception.

Cultural Events

THE LUME is an awe-inspiring setting for hosting diverse events and captivating sponsors seeking unique and impactful experiences.

Wellness Programs

Beyond entertainment, THE LUME is an ideal venue for wellness activities, perfect for yoga and pilates and providing a serene environment for mindfulness.

Corporate Functions

The space can serve as an exclusive destination for functions tailored to luxury and prestige brands, offering an ambience of sophistication and exclusivity.

Product Launches

THE LUME has hosted film premieres and sports events, and been the dazzling runway for vibrant fashion shows. It offers a captivating backdrop for creativity to meet innovation.

Private Parties

The venue can serve as an exclusive setting for hosting private parties catering specifically to partners, providing an ambience of sophistication and luxury.

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