Step into Vincent’s vivid art and immerse yourself in the most visited multisensory experience in the world.

Visitors will immerse themselves in Vincent’s masterpieces as they come to life around them, giving the sensation of walking right into his paintings.

Journey through the Netherlands, Paris, Arles, Saint Rémy and Auvers-sur-Oise, where Vincent created most of his timeless masterpieces. Set perfectly to a specially tailored, evocative classical music score, Van Gogh Alive is a thrilling display of over 3,000 inspirational images, masterfully animated and projected at a large scale.

Experiencing Van Gogh Alive is a very emotional, physical and spiritual journey for many people. Visitors are surrounded by a symphony of light, colour, sound and scent to create a profound connection with the artist.


An iconic brand redefined through immersive storytelling

The most visited immersive experience in the world

Extremely cost-effective to install and operate

A really unique and powerful exhibit about Vincent van Gogh that highlighted both his art and his writing. We weren’t expecting to have such an emotional response from the display.


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