Immerse yourself in the life and creative genius of one of the most inventive artists of the modern era, Salvador Dalí.

Embark on a journey into Dalí’s world of twisted landscapes, melting clocks, and fascinating creatures before taking a deep dive into the psyche of this incomparable artist. Dalí Alive will beguile and inspire as you explore the artist’s life, art, and triumphant accomplishments. Engage with his larger-than-life personality, progressive ideas and highly imaginative surrealist art, all on a vast scale.

Dalí Alive explores how the artist continually reinvented himself – his place, person, family, and human transience – to overcome obstacles. His personal and artistic moments of reinvention are shared through touchpoints of his life, highlighting Dalí’s early, formative years in Spain, his introduction to Surrealist circles, his influential time in America and the enduring cultural impact still recognised globally today.


Step into the subconcious of a surrealist genius

Disappear into a world of melting clocks and twisted landscapes

Learn about Dalí's fascinating life

Throughout the process, from the terms through to creative and production, GE demonstrated their expertise and professionalism. They have been incredibly collaborative partners.

The Dalí Museum

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