Bruce Peterson's Fascination with Leonardo da Vinci

Bruce Peterson, Founder & Chairman of Grande Experiences, reveals his lifelong appreciation for Leonardo da Vinci.

Everything at Grande Experiences is storytelling, and the story of Leonardo da Vinci has been a passion of mine for the past 18 years.

The company was built on Leonardo - I moved my young family to Italy for a year to develop Grande's first Leonardo da Vinci exhibition.

Because of this dedication, the most recent exhibition, Leonardo da Vinci—500 Years of Genius, is the most comprehensive Leonardo experience you'll find anywhere in the world.

We've got a vast array of machine inventions brought to life from Leonardo's Codices - his original notebooks - and we've worked with artisans to build them as though they've come from his workshop in the early 1500s.

Leonardo da Vinci's machine inventions

In the Mona Lisa Revealed section, we have the world's only 360-degree replica of the Mona Lisa. Visitors get to see all the details up close, including the back of the painting and where it has been repaired. 

You won't see those things at The Louvre!

Image of Leonardo da Vinci and his flight machines

Visitors get a fundamental understanding of the sheer diversity of areas in which Leonardo was involved. He was the first to understand how the heart valve worked and the first to understand how the eye sees. This exhibition combines these stories within stories of Leonardo.

Our aim is for visitors to leave with a wealth of new knowledge and a deep emotional connection to the incredible story of Leonardo. We want them to feel not just entertained, but truly immersed in the experience.

VR Florence Flyover simulation

Every time we create a new experience, we want to keep wowing audiences. Every time, the bar gets lifted higher.

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