Monet & Friends Alive Opens at Kalmar Castle, Sweden

Monet & Friends Alive is now open at Kalmar Castle in Sweden from April 1, 2023.

Monet & Friends Alive was created and produced by Grande Experiences and has previously been shown in Sydney, Rome, and Beijing. Now the experience will be shown for a limited time in Sweden at Kalmar Castle.

The experience has been designed explicitly for the 800-year-old castle, which has been visited by royalty such as Queen Margareta, Eric of Pomerania, and Gustav Vasa.

Monet & Friends Alive

On the castle’s historic walls, the Impressionists’ colourful art comes to life – with the help of light, vivid graphics, sound, and scent. In addition to Claude Monet, the experience features masterpieces by artists such as Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne, and Edgar Degas. In total, works by 15 Impressionist artists are shown.

Monet & Friends Alive provides powerful insight into the Impressionism era. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the multi-sensory experience combining art, music, and fragrance.

Visitors can also take the opportunity to become part of Monet’s well-known artwork. In the middle of the experience, Monet’s classic bridge has been built, surrounded by a large gold frame.

Ana Norlén, a county councillor at the County Board in Kalmar County, opened Monet & Friends Alive. Also speaking at the opening were Nick Ryder, Grande Experiences, Bettina Pehrsson, Kalmar Art Museum, Johan Hjärtstrand, artist Emma Angelin Holmén, Krusenstiernska gården and Meg Nömgård, who is the castle director at Kalmar Castle.

‘It is fantastic to see the Impressionist masterpieces projected on the Burnt Hall’s whitewashed walls. The experience is for all the senses, and it adds an extra dimension when modern technology meets the historic castle’, says Meg Nömgård, castle director at Kalmar Castle.

Monet & Friends Alive

‘The team from Grande Experiences is delighted that Monet & Friends Alive is being shown at Kalmar Castle. Visitors of all ages can experience the Impressionist masters in the same immersive format as Van Gogh Alive, with colourful artwork paired with beautiful music and fragrance, said Bruce Peterson, Founder & CEO of Grande Experiences.

‘It is fantastic that Kalmar, our city with such a rich history, can once again host an experience of this unique kind. Showing art this way, in a historic setting like the castle, weaves different generations together. It also makes art accessible to everyone, even those who don’t usually attend art exhibitions,’ says Ana Norlén, county councillor, County Administrative Board in Kalmar County.

Monet & Friends Alive is shown in the Burnt Hall at Kalmar Castle from April 1 to November 5 2023.

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