Los Angeles Opens with the World Premiere of Street Art Alive

Los Angeles has thrown open its much-anticipated doors on the 22nd of April with the World Premiere of STREET ART ALIVE.

Permanently housed at Magic Box LA @ The Reef, a unique event centre in downtown Los Angeles.

With the approval and endorsement of more than 200 street artists from around the globe, STREET ART ALIVE transports visitors on an unforgettable journey through the streets and alleys of more than 20 iconic cities, including New York City, London, São Paulo, Melbourne and Berlin. The experience includes interactive installations, themed café and bar, along with eight original full-sized sections of the Berlin Wall, which artists from across the globe used as a canvas for their political statements and powerful social commentary. Throughout the exhibit’s run, Los Angeles will invite local street artists to add their voices to these iconic and symbolic concrete walls.

“As a known destination for fine art events, expanding into a digital art gallery was a natural evolution for Magic Box LA. This collaboration was over five years in the making, and we are honoured to be partnering with Grande Experiences and becoming the permanent home to Los Angeles,” said Wayne Fernandez, General Manager, Magic Box LA. “Those, like me, who have witnessed the political and social movement of street art over the decades can relive the energy of the 70s, 80s and 90s, but also get a window into this ephemeral artform from other world perspectives as it exists today. There couldn’t be a more perfect backdrop than DTLA where street art is alive and flourishing.”

“Grande Experiences is honoured to partner with Magic Box LA to establish a new digital art gallery in the U.S. – Los Angeles, and very excited that the world premiere of our newest production in the ALIVE series of immersive experiences, STREET ART ALIVE” said Bruce Peterson, Owner and Founder of Grande Experiences. “STREET ART ALIVE not only showcases a pivotal art movement but also tells the story of street art through the lens of the artists in a way that visitors of all ages and cultures can relate to. Art generated from the streets from all over the world transcends the art itself, striking at the heart of social issues, community sentiment, politics and current world affairs.” “We are proud to showcase these amazing artists and amplify their impact far beyond their home cities. We couldn’t be more excited after many years in the making,” said Peterson.

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